As the name suggests, Custom Plate Frames is Australia owned that specialises in customising plate frames to our customers’ specifications.

We see customised plate frames as more than just plastic with text on them; they are a special and underutilised way for people to communicate in public.


Do you want to say something important in public? Or are you looking for that special gift that says something meaningful?

Our website will help you customise your vehicle’s plate frame to say whatever you desire (**within reason!).
So what are plate frames? Well, you see them every day; in fact they’re right in front of your nose especially when you are stuck in rush hour traffic!! Plate frames are the plastic frames that surround the number plates of almost every car on Australia roads today.

Whether it be your favourite quote, that special text message or that personal joke between you and your friends, Custom Plate Frames lets you say just that to everyone that sits behind you traffic.

Now, get rid of that car-yard’s plate frame and say what you want to say, send a message to the world, get a customised plate frame from Custom Plate Frames.


**Custom Plate Frames AU has the right to refuse printing plate frames that Custom Plate Frames AU believes will be offensive to the general public. If we refuse to print your material, we will refund the total payment amount after paypal processing fee has been deducted.